Ocean World
Behind the Scene


Learn what we do and how we do it!

There’s a lot going at Ocean World and now you can team up with our expert guides to go behind the scenes in our 45 minutes long and discover how we care our animals

You’ll have privileged access to the working areas usually closed to the public where you can learn about our dolphins, sea lions and sharks training techniques, animals veterinarian care, life-support system, interact with Rhinoceros Iguanas, visit fish quarantine, Feed tigers, and see how the fish food is prepared.

You will also have some photos opportunities that regular clients don’t have

Tour include t-shirt, cap and bottle of water

So, if you want an even deeper experience at Ocean World, immerse yourself in our Behind the Scenes Tour.

  • You will also have the opportunity to explore Ocean World Park in a day pass including 
  • Observation of our shows with Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sharks & Birds
  • Walk through our tropical rainforest and meet the birds
  • Usage of the tiger pool
  • Usage of the dolphin beach
  • Snorkeling in a Tropical Reef Aquarium
  • Habitat of Iguanas
Recomendaciones y Notas
  • Camera, bathing suit, towel, sun-block, additional money for pictures and souvenirs.
  • Must release jewels from hands, neck and ears to avoid harming the animal.
  • Previous park admission its required in this program
Infants: 0 5 years old, not allowed
Adults: 13 + years old
US$ 49
Children: 06 - 12 years old
US$ 49