Ocean World Adventure Park

Royal Dolphin

Royal Dolphin <br/>Swim

60 minutes swim session with 2 beautiful bottlenose dolphins. It’s the best experience when visiting Ocean World in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

The Royal Dolphin Swim experience begins with a brief orientation, then guests enter the water to learn about dolphin’s behavior.

Taking the experience one step further, guests…

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Dolphin <br/>Swim

30 Minutes program.

Hugging, kissing, dancing, feeding and swimming with 2 dolphins in deep water will be the highlight of your vacations in Puerto Plata.

This program will also include dorsal pull by 2 dolphins, truly a Once in a Lifetime experience at Ocean World.

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Dolphin <br/>Encounter

The best family activity at Ocean World is the Dolphin Encounter, which offers close contact with dolphin in waist deep water, touching, kissing, dancing, feeding and playing with this gentle mammal.

An interaction that is fun and educational, ideal for non swimmers and families with young kids.

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Sea Lion

Sea Lion <br/>Encounter

A fun program designed to let you meet the clown of the sea, the Patagonian Sea Lion.

Meet them up close, in our interaction pool, where guests are provided with an opportunity to touch, feed, pet and play with these wonderful animals.

Get a kiss, a hug…

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Shark Encounter
& Swim

Shark Encounter <br/>& Swim

During your vacations in Puerto Plata, challenge your fears swimming with sharks at Ocean World.

A program designed for those who say, “only action is satisfaction" or "no risk no fun” the Sharks encounter is most definitely for you.

These sharks have been trained to be safely…

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Day Pass
Ocean World Adventure Park

Day Pass <br/>Ocean World Adventure Park

Boasting the largest man-made dolphin habitat in the world, Ocean World is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting the Dominican Republic.

Day Pass visitors have the opportunity to snorkel in our Tropical Reef Aquarium, learn about marine mammals, feed exotic tropical birds, walk through a tropical rain forest,…

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Dolphin Trainer
For A Day

Dolphin Trainer <br/>For A Day
Trainer for a Day will ensure a true dolphin trainer’s experience. From playing animal chef to issuing dolphin commands during a regular program!!!
This program will give our guest a unique inside look of the extraordinary mechanism of the care and relationships that our zoology staff has with…
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Ocean World
Behind the Scene

Ocean World <br/>Behind the Scene

Learn what we do and how we do it!

There’s a lot going at Ocean World and now you can team up with our expert guides to go behind the scenes in our 45 minutes long and discover how we care our animals

You’ll have privileged access…

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